Ex Parte Communications

It is a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct for the Judge to participate in ex parte communications with the attorneys or litigants in a lawsuit. Ex Parte communication is any communication with the Judge or his staff about the facts of the case when the other party is not present or included in the communication.  These improper communications can be oral, either in person or telephonically, or in writing by letter or email. Basically, the Judge is prohibited from discussing this case or gathering information on this case without both sides being present or represented. Written ex parte communications cannot be placed in a court’s file. The Court cannot speak to a party by any means, including phone calls, letters or emails, concerning the facts of a case. For that reason, the Judge will not return or reply to such communications.

Documents, meant to serve as evidence, sent directly to the Court will be destroyed.

Court staff cannot answer legal questions or give legal advice. Here are some examples of what Court personel can and cannot do.  If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney.

A party may communicate with the court's staff for the purpose of scheduling.  Motions or legal documents should be filed with the appropriate court and not sent directly to the Judge.

General Information

Communication with the Court should be through the Court Coordinator.

All attorneys and pro se litigants must provide the Court Coordinator with their current contact information (including email address) in writing.

Communication with the Court coordinator is recommended to be via email at

For questions about fees, filings and status of filings for criminal cases involving class B misdemeanors and above, probate, guardianship, eviction, condemnation and cases appealed from Justice and Municipal Courts, please call the Grimes County Clerk's Office at (936) 873-4410.

 For questions about fees, filings and status of filings on divorce, custody suits Affecting Parent Child or any other family law matter, please call the Grimes County District Clerk's Office at (936) 873-4432. 


Any document that a party wishes to file must be efiled the District Clerk’s or County Clerk’s Office with a courtesy copy sent, via efile, to the Court at

Do not email or fax documents to the Court unless specifically told to do so. 


Documents are not to be faxed directly to the Court's fax machine without express authorization. The staff of the County Court at Law are not responsible for ensuring that any documents sent by fax become part of the Court's file. It is counsel's responsibility to ensure that documents which they intend to become part of the record are properly e-filed with the Clerk's Office.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, call 936-873-4400 or email the Court Coordinator for updates on the status of hearings. The Grimes County Website ( and the Grimes County Sheriff’s Department website ( will also post information on closures If local news stations list Grimes County offices as “closed” or “delayed”, the courts will follow that directive.

Late Calls

Attorneys who will be late for docket call should call the clerk at least 15 minutes prior to docket call and state their expected time of arrival, reason for delay, and any other court(s) where they are appearing. Failure to notify the Court may result in a reset. Repeated failure to notify the Court Coordinator may result in Cases being dismissed. 

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