If you have been arrested or otherwise charged with a crime, your case may be heard in this Court.  The County Court at Law has original jurisdiction of all Class A and Class B misdemeanors.  For more information on communicating with this Court as a Self Represented Litigant/Pro se, go here.



Most misdemeanor criminal cases arise from an arrest by a local law enforcement agency (Grimes County Sheriff's Department, Navasota Police Department, Department of Public Safety, etc.).  

Most defendants (someone accused of a crime) post some form of "bond" to be released from jail and guarantee their future appearance at court.  It is imperative that the address on this "bond" is a good address where you can receive mail.  If the address is not good or you can not receive mail at the address, you may not receive notice of your court setting which may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest for failure to appear.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THIS COURT HAS A GOOD MAILING ADDRESS.  If you change address, it is important, you notify this court and the County Clerk in writing of that change.

After your release from jail on bond, the case is referred to the District Attorney's Office for review.  The District Attorney determines if charges will be accepted as filed, changed or refused.  That process can take from a few weeks to several months depending on the type of case and information,  such as lab reports, needed.  If the District Attorney determines that the charges should be filed as a misdemeanor, they will file what is called a "Complaint and Information" with the County Clerk.  IT IS ONLY AT THIS POINT THAT THIS COURT HAS ANY JURISDICTION TO ACT ON YOUR CASE.  IT IS ONLY AT THIS POINT THAT THIS COURT HAS ANY REAL INFORMATION ON YOUR CASE.

Prior to the filing of a complaint and information, this Court has very little information about the status of your case and when, if ever, the case will be filed.  It does very little good to call this office to ask us when the case will be filed or set.

If you change address or you discover your address on your bond is not a good address (ie: a physical address where you do not receive mail), you may send a letter with a change of address to this Court, the District Attorney's Office and the County Clerk.  It is strongly recommended you also notify your bondsman of any changes of address. Any notices of change of address be done by Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested.

Please understand, we do not have time to return calls for general information about your case and are prohibited  by ethical rules from discussing your case.  If you must communicate with the court, email or US Mail is advised.  Please go to this link about communicating with the Court.

You best contact about court settings is an attorney or your bondsman.  You paid the bondsman a fee to get you out of jail.  It is also their responsibility to keep up with court setting and make sure you are aware of those settings.  to do that, you must maintain contact with your bondsman.

If you posted a cash bond or were release on a personal recognizance bond, it is solely your responsibility to make sure the court can reach you.