Mediation is required on all cases EXCEPT Uncontested Divorces. All cases that fail to go to mediation prior to trial will be dismissed. 

Prior To Setting A Temporary Orders Hearing: 

Absent good cause shown, all parties and their attorneys are required to attend mediation prior to any temporary orders; 

Prior To Final Trial: 

All parties and their attorneys are required to attend mediation before a trial date even if the parties mediated prior to temporary orders. may be requested unless excepted by the Court or in Applications for Protective Orders and contempt actions;


If the case is inappropriate for mediation, a motion to waive mediation must be filed with a notice of hearing which shall be heard at least 10 days prior to trial.

Appointment Of A Mediator: 

Parties are encouraged to agree on a mediator. If the parties are unable to agree, the Court will appoint a mediator, or the parties may automatically be referred to the DISPUTE RESOLUTION CENTER, 1737 Briarcrest Drive, Suite 11, Bryan, Texas 77802, Telephone: (979) 822-6947 .

Informal Settlement Agreements: 

If a reasonable agreement has been reached through mediation or through the informal settlement process Texas Family Code, Section 6.604, those reasonable agreements will be honored by the Court. A certificate of mediation settlement/or inability to settle at mediation signed by the mediator must be filed with the clerk prior to a trial on the merits.